Recently I was asked why I eat healthy.  I was out of town for work, and I brought my food with me.  A coworker could not believe it!


You brought your food?

Yup!  Usually do.


Because I want to eat healthy and stay on track.

Are you gluten free or something?

Well, most of the time I actually am, but that’s not really why I bring my food.

Are you training for a race?

Ehhh, not exactly, but I am working at getting in better shape, and strength building…

The questions continued, it was as if I was being cross-examined.  I almost started laughing!  Is it really that strange to want to take care of myself and be healthy?

There was a time where I wasn’t so healthy.  I lived on junky, processed foods – even when I thought I was being healthy, in hindsight, I know I really was not making the best choices.  And I was miserable – inside and out.  I felt horrible about the way I looked, the way I felt, and for a long time I didn’t know what to do to fix it.  It took several rides on the weight gain/loss roller coaster to figure it out.  I don’t enjoy roller coasters – real or otherwise – so I know that I don’t want to get in line for that ride ever again.

I do my best to eat healthy, wholesome foods.  Am I perfect about it?  Heck no.  (I believe in balance and moderation, the 80/20 rule…more on that some other time.) But overall, I am doing my best to make better choices, and when I eat food that is good for me, I feel great!  Funny how that works, isn’t it?  So that is why I travel with my food – it helps me to make better choices.  This is the only body the good Lord gave me, so it is my job to take care of it.

I do “indulge” and sometimes I lean on healthier versions of foods that are convenient.  I try to not do that too often, but if it happens, I dust myself off and make my next choice a better one.

One step at a time, one meal at a time.  Being consistent and prepared is key.  A little bump in the road is okay.  It’s the 85-foot drop that we need to avoid!