“Chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes wreck our quality of life and cost a fortune. In recent years, a new and intriguing concept has emerged in the prevention and treatment of chronic illness: the health coach.”

CBS News, October 2009

The primary objectives of health coaching are to educate the patient regarding self health management and to encourage patients in taking a more proactive role in staying healthy.

Medical Economics, Nov 2010

Stacey’s motivation is contagious.  I can’t help but want to exercise with her because she truly cares about how I treat my body.  She understands the right ways to exercise, eat right, and live a healthy and happy lifestyle.  I have known Stacey for about nine years and enjoy her company very much.  She is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the people who are near and dear to her heart are taken care of and I appreciate that.

Trish L., Wisconsin

Who was my first coaching client?  Me!  And I am definitely a work in progress.  Creating a healthier, balanced life has not been a one-time event, this has been, and still is, a journey.  While I tried almost every diet and gimmick out there, I knew there had to be something better: something sustainable, non-scary, logical, and normal.  My hunger to find this and my deep curiosity found me reading every fitness magazine and health book I could get my hands on.  While I overwhelmed myself with information, a few things continually stood out: good, wholesome, real food.  Exercise, but not for hours on end.  Positive environment.   Self-love and no more trash-talking myself.  Putting these things into practice each day, a little at a time, added up to positive results.  Through my own trial and error, I have lost over 30 pounds and kept it off, and have created balance in other areas of my life.  I am continually driven to find what works for me – we are all different, and nutrition, fitness, and life goals were not meant to be one-size-fits-all!

Stacey Braemer

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